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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March Madness Baby!

Good Morning Geek Squad!

This morning I'm guest posting over at SSInspiration for March Madness!  Click here: to see the post

I'm happy to report that currently, I am sitting on top of the leaderboard at my house.

Apparently I'm super good at picking Bball teams.....so even though my Wolverines have taken a seat...I'm still very much in the game!!

In honor of March Madness, Here's a peek at the Hub's Father's Day card 

Totally breaking my retired IU stamp out for this one.  I carved it a long time ago, and even though it is a far cry from perfect....I really do love it :)

Sorry about my sad little basketball....lets be totally honest, I had a hard time making this while watching basketball....I really need to stop doing that. 

have a blessed day!

Hope your bracket is still intact!!
And if not:  Join ESPN's TC Second Chance bracket before Thursday's tip off ... you can still impress your friends with picking the rest of the way out....like my family will have to do...since they're all BUSTED!!  
muah haha haha 

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