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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Social Media is stealing all our birthday cards!!

Good Morning Happy Crafters!!

I am sure by now, unless you're NOT a social media person, that you have heard of Stampin' Up!'s very own Shannon West and her quest to "bring birthdays back"

She decided that social media was sucking the lifeblood out of birthdays and special occasions (my words, NOT hers!) and that it was time to do something about it.

She created an awesome handcarved stamp that says
and challenged people on Facebook to reply to her post with their birthday and address so she could Bring Back the Birthday Card and send people a handmade card!!

Check out the video HERE and see her explain her campaign!


So people like me...have decided HECK YEA!!

We're totally jumping on this bandwagon.

I have started my own campaign, reaching out to my customers, followers, strangers, family, and friends.  ANYONE who wants a handcrafted birthday card just need to give me a date and an address....and the card will be queued up and ready to ride the Pony Express that month!

Here is a shot of last week's batch of cards.  Yes, I still handwrite all my addresses and hashtags :)

Click here to add your name and birthday to my list!!

If you want to start a campaign of your own, look up #imbringingbirthdaysback...check out the fun and frenzy.  Start now and become a card blessing to your family and friends.

Don't wanna give, just want to receive?  That's okay!  Find someone (or as many someones as you want!) who is giving, comment on their (mine too!) pages and just sit back and patiently wait for your mailbox to explode on your special day.

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